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NAELA_20Member_20H-1exclamation-1smThe Average Private Pay Cost of a nursing Home in Illinois is Over $7,000 PER MONTH!

I am sure that many of you out there are aware that the average private pay cost of a nursing home is well over $7,000 per month.  It is therefore very important that we understand the various strategies that the law provides in order to qualify for IL Medicaid so that the State of Illinois would pay for a senior’s nursing home costs.

Bill Kanter, Medicaid Lawyer in Illinois.

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Illinois Medicaid is the federal-state partnership created by Congress in 1965 to finance health care services for seniors.

Medicare is NOT Medicaid

First understand that Medicare is not Medicaid.  Medicare pays for doctors and hospitalization and a very limited nursing home stay (only when a patience spends at least three days in a hospital and then goes directly into the nursing home will Medicare pay for up to 100 days). Medicare does NOT pay for nursing home costs.

Medicaid in Illinois is Complicated

Medicaid law is very complicated so what follows is a very basic explanation of some of the rules and strategies that are available to help a senior qualify. These are the basic Medicaid qualification rules for an individual in Illinois. There are other rules that govern a married couple and different states may have different rules.

A person seeking Medicaid government benefits must be over 65 years of age or blind or disabled, must be a US citizen, must be in need of care (you can’t say that you have a bum knee and want the government to pay for your nursing home care). Your income must be less than the nursing home costs. For example, if the private pay cost of the nursing home is $6,000 per month and a senior receives $8,000 a month from a large pension, they would not qualify (Medicaid would say to use your money to pay for your care). Finally the senior must have assets less than $2,000. This is what Medicaid calls “impoverished.”

Bill Kanter J.D., M.B.A. has over 15 years of experience in the field of elder law and estate planning. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Illinois State Bar Association.


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